Storage Unit Size Guide

Choosing the right storage unit size is important, and Williams Business Properties is here to make it easier for you. We offer five different storage units ranging from 5’x10’ to 20’x30’ and are great for storing boxes, small furniture or the contents of several rooms.

10’ x 10’

Approximately 100 SQFT of space.
Can hold contents of multiple rooms and is roughly half the size of one car garage. We have 24-hour passage door access to some of our 10’ x 10’ storage units for easy access to your items anytime. as well as drive-up garage style doors to load/unload your items with ease.

Personal Storage: These 10’ x 10’ storage units are a popular pick for storing the contents of a small one to two-bedroom apartment. This space allows you to fit the contents of two bedrooms, along the lines of a bedroom set, sofa, armchairs, dining room sets, and multiple boxes.

Business Storage: If you are in need of a place to store some extra desks, chairs, tables, and file cabinets that you need to store – this is a great option for your business as well!

10’ x 20’

Approximately 200 SQFT of space.
Can hold the contents of a small house, or roughly 3 rooms. With drive-up garage style doors on most of these units storing your items is a breeze. We also offer a combination of roll-up garage style doors and 24/7 passage door access to some of these units.

Personal Storage: The 10’ x 20’ storage units offer ample space for storing contents of a multi-bedroom house while moving, storing vehicles, and even some RV’s and boats. There is space enough to store living room, dining room, and multiple sets of bedroom furniture with enough space to still pile in a large quantity of boxes!

Business Storage: For businesses needing a little more space this unit is great for larger commercial storage needs such as equipment and parts.

10’ x 30’

Approximately 300 SQFT of space.
Can hold contents of three to five rooms. Large as 1.5 car garage.

Personal Storage: This space allows you to fit the contents of up to a five-bedroom house including over-sized items such as couches, beds, dressers, refrigerator, w/d, dining room set, and a large quantity of

Business Storage: These sizes are great for storing commercial parts, materials, vehicles, and file cabinets.

10’ x 40’

Approximately 400 SQFT of space - one of the largest spaces we have!
Can hold contents of roughly a two-car garage. These spaces have two drive-up garage style doors. This allows for easy storage and organization.

Personal Storage: Our 10’ x 40’ storage units do not stay available for long. With enough room to store a five-bedroom house with major appliances and still have room for boxes you cannot go wrong with this option.

Business Storage: Storing commercial vehicles, while having enough room to store equipment, file cabinets, parts and materials is what attracts many businesses to these storage units. These are great especially for lawn care businesses who need a place to store trailers and equipment.


20’ x 30’

Approximately 600SQFT of space - our largest storage unit space!
This size unit can store up to a six-bedroom house or roughly a medium three car garage. With drive-up access, and passage door access these units are easily accessible.

Personal Storage: This storage space is great for a 5-6-bedroom house with large furniture, appliances, vehicle storage, RV’s, Boats, and tons of space for boxes.

Business Storage: Great for large equipment, vehicles, parts and materials, office furniture, file cabinets, pallets, and large boxes.